Why Join us ? & Why we are Special ?:

Our Products & Services – What we Offer

All asset Mastery – We cover all asset classes. We provide signals on all Futures, ETF, Bonds, Stocks, Currencies, Commodities like Oil, Gold, Nat Gas, Wheat, Copper, Corn etc. We even provide ” Stock & ETF Evaluation service ” buy / sell / hold.

A> Day Trading signals for the active trader

We do NOT believe in charts & indicators. We give you a ” SIGNAL BOX ” both for Futures & Options (if you day trade options on SPY / DIA / QQQ / ETF / OIL / GOLD). This signal box will generate signals during prime market hours ( both European & New York time ) It comes with a sound and voice alert on every new signal and on every exit signal. Yes, we alert you when the signal is over. All signals carry a date & time stamp.

All day trading ” Option signal box ” will also tell you when to exit your option position.

Auto trade the signals = Yes, we give you an auto trader that will trade for you these signals. Not only you avoid human errors & psychology issues – if for any reason the signal is wrong – the software will protect you such that your losses will be minimal and manageable.

Access to signal box = Currently you need to come to our live trading room to access the signal boxes. But from June 15th onwards you will have 24×7 access to them on your Web Browser on your computer and other mobile devices. Comes with voice alerts.

SMS signals = For Clients outside North America, we are sending these signals by way of SMS 24×7. We hope to start this SMS service for North American Clients some time in June 2014. Please note – you need to opt in through our website for Legal reasons.

Platform = You may use any trading software or trading platform. But we recommend Ninja Trader for various reasons.

Some of our products like Auto Trader will work only with Ninja Trader.

B> Signal box for Set it & Forget it signals

Yes on a 24×7 basis when the market hits any of our ” Set it & Forget it ” signals you get a sound and voice alert with stop loss information so that you can jump in if you forgot to do the set it and forget it part.

C> Set it & Forget signals ( they have both a day trading & swing components ) for those who have a full time or part time job. Also you may be self employed or have no time to be in front of a computer and watching all market gyrations. These ” Set it & Forget it signals ” can be executed during early morning hours (breakfast time) or dinner time. We provide the entry and stop loss and generally we recommed 2.5:1 risk reward target ratio. More than 90% of these signals are a winner.

Weekly options to generate income = We will teach you how by selling weekly options you can generate regular weekly income on these ” Set it & Forget it Signals ”

D> Swing trade signals (24×7) BOX

We cover all asset classes. From June 15th 2014 onwards you will have 24×7 access to them on your Web Browser on your computer and other mobile devices. Comes with voice alerts. As of now we provide these signals by way of email.

Every weekend on saturday we send out a ” Report Card ” showing how we performed on our swing trade signals for that week. We do not hide our losses. Currently our track record is well above 90% success rate. You MUST use options for these Swing trades. Typically in week you will see profit on our signals.

E> GPS for day trading & swing trading

GPS is not a signal box. But it gives vital information on Global financial markets at a glance. It also tells you in real time when particular market is chopping (sideways). You can also study market correlations. The Bond market GPS is excellent for bond trading !! From June 15th 2014 onwards you will have 24×7 access to them on your Web Browser on your computer and other mobile devices.

F> Auto trader

We offer 2 types. In the first type – you wait for our bias signal (by way of SMS or Signal box) and then run the auto trader long only or short only. In the 2nd type the auto trader runs on Auto Pilot mode. This version is under beta testing. We plan to announce a major breakthrough by end of June 2014. In auto pilot mode you run it (preferably on cloud) with no human role.

G> ETF / Stock Evaluation service

For any stock or ETF in USA / Canada we can give you a report (for a fee) on buy / sell / hold. If you are looking for Dividend paying stocks, we can help you.

H> Options Trading Course

We will be launching soon a course (online) that will teach all you need to know – Greeks like delta, gamma, vega / calls & puts / Vertical spreads / Iron Condors / Butterfly / Straddle. The course will be priced below market. Quizzes will be there to test you for sharp IQ.

I> Long term Trend trading signals

If you want signals such that you trend trade and hold a position for a few months – using options – for big profits, we can help you. We have a special software to provide such signals on all asset classes.

J> Five star rated signals

We can tell you in advance which of our signals are 5 star rated. Meaning they have a > 98% probability of winning > you can then load up for mega bucks.

Wish you good luck. Pray to God. Seek his blessings. We pray and seek his grace and he is the one who guides us every day. Always Pray & Meditate ! Om Namah Shivaya !

Balasubrahmanian Iyer
Skype ID bala707

Reaction Points Every day we send you a Excel sheet showing key demand & supply levels where market reacted – using Market Profile software & Volume Profile. These Reaction Points work 90% of the time when Market re visits this level. You can put Limit orders and trade them. We give also a GMM F16 Software which will plot these levels for you – any time frame. Example – We gave 1182 as Gold RP Buy in September 2013. In Dec 2013 Gold went to 1182 and went up more than 50 points. You can keep tight stops and go for 3:1 Risk Reward play.

EminiFuturesBuySell.com is a trading education company that provides a unique view into how the markets actually function throughout the day. Our proprietary Kalyani Strategy and Indicator suite assists traders to identify significant pivot points in the market where traders should become engaged. EminiFuturesBuySell.com leverages the fundamental truths of the market’s order flow while avoiding the pitfalls of the more traditional approaches such as price based indicators. We integrate nicely with the award winning NinjaTrader 7 trading platform and its sophisticated technology. We are also available for Sierra Charts. The EminiFuturesBuySell.com’s strategies are designed to run optimally for all major U.S. and Canadian stocks as well as the U.S. Emini index futures and commodities including Crude Oil, Gold and Silver.

All you need is access to the internet, and ability to execute orders via internet / IPhone / ipad during the hours 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Eastern Standard time (New York time) Monday to Friday.

You can have our software on your computer and trade what you want – when you want. You can have it on your computer during trial too !

Target Market

  1. Employed but looking to boost income
  2. Part time employed / Unemployed
  3. Employed but switching jobs = income during transition
  4. Employed but boost Family income = spouse at home can trade
  5. Hedge Funds
  6. Mutual funds
  7. Time difference = Say people in India back from work at 7 pm can trade and boost salary income.
  8. Retired people or Retiring soon = Looking for Steady income during Retirement.

What will/can I trade?

  1. All the eminis – S&P 500 / DOW / NASADAQ / RUSSELL 2000
  2. Crude Oil
  3. Gold / Silver
  4. Bonds – both 10 year and 30 year
  5. Stocks – US and Canadian

As a matter of fact, we are the only company to have developed software customized for Crude Oil. You can trade oil right from 2.00 am European session till 2.30 pm Nymex Pit closing time. Oil trading offers much higher profit potential - using Kalyani software.

Capital required / Profit Potential

This matter cannot be discussed in a public website. Please send an email to gmm.intl@gmail.com . All we can say is that with the right amount of capital,
education, training, psychology, and positive attitude – you can generate monthly income on a consistent basis

Live Trading room Access:

We do offer free trial. You get 1 month free trial – you can test and verify my software.  After trial, should you choose to continue, monthly subscription rate is US$200 payable upfront. If you are not happy, do not renew. For more than 1 machine same client rate is $100 per month for the 2nd machine. We will increase the rate to $250 per month from July 1st 2014.

We normally trade the S&P, DOW, OIL, GOLD in the room. But should someone desire to trade any other instrument / market – we can make arrangements.

Please also take time to look at our charts (see link attached)

Why Kalyani Software

      We are the only company to offer 1 month free trial to test our product. 99.99 % of our competition charges money upfront. You verify and then decide.

We call trades live in the room. Even if you have no idea how to trade, by following our trades you can make profit consistently.
(Our signals are based on market maker’s orderflow and volume analysis behind the scene. No Price based indicators.)

  • We are the only company to offer “Market GPS” which shows at a glance (based on color) if markets are sideways in realtime. This means even if you get a valid signal – if GPS says Sideways – No trade. When markets are vertical or rotational, all software can make money. But when markets go sideways (they can be sideways for 24 hours!!) you lose money no matter what you do – UNLESS you have a radar which tells you “do not trade”.
  • Money Management: With Kalyani, you can stay in the trade and make more money than conventional software in the marketplace. Software will tell you when to get out.
  • We identify both bad signals and good signals in real time and filter them. Virtually all our competition does not do that. Hence retail traders get caught in bad signals.
  • References: We can provide telephone numbers and email of our satisfied clients in Canada who are using our software. No dubious testimonials! {As others do}


Free trial: If you are interested in a 1 month free trial just email to gmm.intl@gmail.com with your name, country, and your email. If you want to chat add your skype ID in your email.