Why Join us ? & Why we are Special ?:

Reason 1> We are a one stop shop = Day Trading, Swing Trading, Automated Day trading, Automated Swing Trading of all stocks, currencies, Oil, Gold, Futures, Day trading Options, Swing Trading with Options = all Futures, Bonds, Stocks, Currencies & Commodities. Check out the Testimonials Section on our Website.

Reason 2> We offer 30 day free trial. We are not aware of any other trading website that gives full 1 month trial. In addition, we DO NOT hold anything back during trial – meaning – you get 100% everything that a paid member gets.

Reason 3> During 30 day trial we offer all our Ninja Auto Trading Strategies for you to test {including market replay} on Live Markets.

Reason 4> All our tools work on market replay. So you get to practice in live market and assess how our software works.

Reason 5> Every day we will perform with Ninja Dome LIVE in front of you. We guarantee a minimum of U$100 to $200 per day profit. So during trial you get to watch us perform live on DOME with our tools. WE DO NOT take a % of profits you make copying our trades as some do.

Reason 6> Everyday PRE Market & Intra day – we PREDICT where markets will go. This is done in writing. We then email a performance report. We use our Patented GPS.

Reason 7> GPS = We are the first company in the entire World to come out with a GPS. The GPS will be on the Market Analyzer in Ninja. Comes with Alerts. In real time the GPS will update and give a signal – BUY / SELL / CHOP. You can use any symbol on GPS – Futures, Currencies, Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities. No need to load and watch exotic charts and indicators. GPS is a HUGE time saver. Very accurate – you get 30 days free trial to check its accuracy.

Reason 8> Market Predictor for Day Trading & Swing Trading. Watch our YouTube tube video on this Marvel Magic tool. The Market Predictor in real time Predicts where the market will go.

Reason 9> OIL SCALPER = We have a special software to trade Crude OIL. With this Scalper you can make consistently $100 to $200 per day trading Crude from 8 am EST to 9.30 am EST. The stop loss on this scalper is very low and the max loss if any on a given trade is on an average about $100 to $150. How to verify this ? Do a Market Replay and take a 30 day free trial.

Reason 10> Twitter Sentiment = We also track this and will update you with trades in Live Market based on Twitter. We always CONFIRM – and then trade the Twitter Sentiment.

Reason 11> ORDER FLOW = We are big fans of Order flow. We DO NOT use any price based indicators. We combine price action with orderflow.

Reason 12> CHOP KILLER ARROWS = We identify Chop in real time. When market is NOT chopping then our cluster bombs OR Chop Killer arrows fire both on a price chart and on an orderflow chart – you then take a trade in line with GPS.

Reason 13> Currency Traders – You can day trade all currencies with our GPS OR run the 100% auto trade currencies on a swing trade. Profit Potential – on Swing trades much more than Day Trading.

Reason 14> Cloud Computing We suggest you lease a VPN/VPS and run our 100% Auto Swing Software 24×7 in the Cloud. This way you catch big moves in OIL, Euro, Apple, Google, Soyabean, Bonds. It makes money on ALL Symbols !!

Reason 15> Options Trading If you want to avoid the stress of Futures Trading – You can day trade Options on Crude OIL, SPY, QQQ, etc. We have special software to help you. Especially with OIL & GOLD you can use options on Futures contract – catch big moves without worrying
about Stop Losses & CHOP.

Reason 16> Auto Trading You can day trade / You can swing trade 100% Automated OR even Semi-Auto where you take care of exits – all Futures, Stocks, OIL, Gold, Bonds, FDAX, Currencies.

Reason 17> Reaction Points Every day we send you a Excel sheet showing key demand & supply levels where market reacted – using Market Profile software & Volume Profile. These Reaction Points work 90% of the time when Market re visits this level. You can put Limit orders and trade them. We give also a GMM F16 Software which will plot these levels for you – any time frame. Example – We gave 1182 as Gold RP Buy in September 2013. In Dec 2013 Gold went to 1182 and went up more than 50 points. You can keep tight stops and go for 3:1 Risk Reward play.

EminiFuturesBuySell.com is a trading education company that provides a unique view into how the markets actually function throughout the day. Our proprietary Kalyani Strategy and Indicator suite assists traders to identify significant pivot points in the market where traders should become engaged. EminiFuturesBuySell.com leverages the fundamental truths of the market’s order flow while avoiding the pitfalls of the more traditional approaches such as price based indicators. We integrate nicely with the award winning NinjaTrader 7 trading platform and its sophisticated technology. We are also available for Sierra Charts. The EminiFuturesBuySell.com’s strategies are designed to run optimally for all major U.S. and Canadian stocks as well as the U.S. Emini index futures and commodities including Crude Oil, Gold and Silver.

All you need is access to the internet, and ability to execute orders via internet / IPhone / ipad during the hours 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Eastern Standard time (New York time) Monday to Friday.

You can have our software on your computer and trade what you want – when you want. You can have it on your computer during trial too !

Target Market

  1. Employed but looking to boost income
  2. Part time employed / Unemployed
  3. Employed but switching jobs = income during transition
  4. Employed but boost Family income = spouse at home can trade
  5. Hedge Funds
  6. Mutual funds
  7. Time difference = Say people in India back from work at 7 pm can trade and boost salary income.
  8. Retired people or Retiring soon = Looking for Steady income during Retirement.

What will/can I trade?

  1. All the eminis – S&P 500 / DOW / NASADAQ / RUSSELL 2000
  2. Crude Oil
  3. Gold / Silver
  4. Bonds – both 10 year and 30 year
  5. Stocks – US and Canadian

As a matter of fact, we are the only company to have developed software customized for Crude Oil. You can trade oil right from 2.00 am European session till 2.30 pm Nymex Pit closing time. Oil trading offers much higher profit potential - using Kalyani software.

Capital required / Profit Potential

This matter cannot be discussed in a public website. Please send an email to gmm.intl@gmail.com . All we can say is that with the right amount of capital,
education, training, psychology, and positive attitude – you can generate monthly income on a consistent basis

Live Trading room Access:

We do offer free trial. You get 1 month free trial – you can test and verify my software.  After trial, should you choose to continue, monthly subscription rate is US$200 payable upfront. If you are not happy, do not renew. For more than 1 machine same client rate is $100 per month for the 2nd machine.

We normally trade the S&P, DOW, OIL, GOLD in the room. But should someone desire to trade any other instrument / market – we can make arrangements.

Please also take time to look at our charts (see link attached)

Why Kalyani Software

      We are the only company to offer 1 month free trial to test our product. 99.99 % of our competition charges money upfront. You verify and then decide.

We call trades live in the room. Even if you have no idea how to trade, by following our trades you can make profit consistently.
(Our signals are based on market maker’s orderflow and volume analysis behind the scene. No Price based indicators.)

  • We are the only company to offer “Market GPS” which shows at a glance (based on color) if markets are sideways in realtime. This means even if you get a valid signal – if GPS says Sideways – No trade. When markets are vertical or rotational, all software can make money. But when markets go sideways (they can be sideways for 24 hours!!) you lose money no matter what you do – UNLESS you have a radar which tells you “do not trade”.
  • Money Management: With Kalyani, you can stay in the trade and make more money than conventional software in the marketplace. Software will tell you when to get out.
  • We identify both bad signals and good signals in real time and filter them. Virtually all our competition does not do that. Hence retail traders get caught in bad signals.
  • References: We can provide telephone numbers and email of our satisfied clients in Canada who are using our software. No dubious testimonials! {As others do}


Free trial: If you are interested in a 1 month free trial just email to gmm.intl@gmail.com with your name, country, and your email. If you want to chat add your skype ID in your email.