Here I am only going to talk about some specific matters. Google, Books and Courses will teach you all about options.

Often we want to short a stock / currency / future / commodity. The Salaried class typically has a Long only bias and do not know how to benefit from shorting. Options are an excellent tool to short with quantified risk and return. When Home Depot went to an all time high in April 2012, I simply shorted it using Puts and made a nice profit. Even in a bull market you can make money shorting – I will show you how.

The other big advantage of options – you don’t get stopped out. You can hold on to your positions and wait for market to turn in yr favor in specific cases. As the market goes against you, you may even add to your positions!!! This is called running a Campaign.

80% of options expire worthless. So always look to sell options and collect premium and do not buy options – general advice. Covered Calls are a great way to do that.


We are launching a series of videos on How to trade options – not free. Pricing and details to follow very soon.